The End of the Trail
Photographic Fin-de-Siècle Self-Portrait Show

December 20, 1999 - January 15, 2000

To celebrate a quarter of a century of showing, buying, and selling photography, Andrew Smith Gallery invited its most distinguished artists to provide an imaginative “self-portrait” of any subject, in any medium, that relates to the millennium past.

Because There's Nothing Else ©1999 Thomas Barrow

Fiery Red Maple, Kentucky ©1996 Christopher Burkett

Cornucopia, Cushing, Maine ©1999 Paul Caponigro

Self-Portrait with Inka © 1999 Judy Chicago

From The 1999 Self-Portrait Series © 1999 Van Deren Coke

Around The Corner © 1999 Gus Foster

New York City © 1999 Lee Friedlander

Santa Fe © 1995 Lee Friedlander

Self Portrait © 1986 Flor Garduno

Self-Portrait with Natural Resources, Costa Rica © 1999 Betty Hahn

Self-Portrait (with collage) © 1999 Michael Hudock

John Paul Caponigro © 1999 John Paul Caponigro

Wasicu Witko © 1993 David Michael Kennedy

Vanitas (Rolf & Will) © 1999 Rolf Koppel

Lozoya De La Muerte, Self Portrait © 1999 Oscar Lozoya

Counting the Rings on Cherry Logs while waiting for Norfolk & Western trains at Fitzgerald Lumber Co., Buena Vista, Virginia
©1956 O. Winston Link

I'll Answer Your Phone (after Ed Curtis) , © 1999 Skeet McAuley


Self-Portrait Asleep in the Tomb of Mereruka at Sakkara © Duane Michals

Self-Portrait, Albuquerque © 1999 Miguel Gandert

Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco © 1999 Duane Monczewski

Despues El Sexto Sol (After The Sixth Sun) © 1999 Delilah Montoya

Antes El Sexto Sol (Before the Sixth Sun) © 1999 Delilah Montoya

Self-portrait at Solar II © 1999 Joan Myers

(Wall of Green-painted Cards, Patrick Playing Solitaire in Front), 1994 © Patrick Nagatani

El Nadador/Nacimiento, 1993
© Patrick Nagatani

Fin de Siecle: Looking at you, looking at me

© 1999 Anne Noggle

Self Portrait © 1999 Barbara Van Cleve

Cui Bono (Who Benefits?)
Curators routinely commandeer ideas from scholars and reconstruct images from artists without acknowledging sources fully. This work wonders "cui bono" from this kind ofconspicuous curatorial embezzlement of concepts and icons. © 1999 Joseph Traugott

Three Letters from the City: The St. Petersburg Poems 1968- 1998, 3rd letter, section 9,
with Russian translation by Julia Kunina.

Have I arrived too late,
again too late
for all there is to know,
to do, to love and to forgive,
have I then come too late
to end my life
with needful care, sterling intelligence?
Well, but allow the life to suffer
if need be-not the word.
It would be better if the two of them
could live unheeded
within some pastoral, post revolution
in a successful world.
In this however (romanticism if need be)
there seems to have to be a choice.
It is my honor to choose the word alone.
Let that survive.

© 1999 Nathaniel Tarn